ERB's bookkeepers are skilled in several multi-currency bookkeeping systems, preparation of monthly management reports, building a payroll system for suppliers, control of payment execution and all other financial matters.

ERB’s Chief Financial Officer services can play a critical role. The CFO is responsible for creating the strategic operating plan and overseeing its implementation.

Working hand-in-hand with the company’s management team, ERB prepares a customized Plan of Action. We then appoint experienced accountants to build the accounting and financial system for the customer. The accountants, in turn, manage the bookkeeping system, wages and payments, and build an internal control and management reporting system.

The full financial solution from ERB in the field of payroll management includes: working with tax authorities and insurance agents; creating accounting reports and payments to management insurance plans; pension funds; saving funds, and more.

As co founders of ESOP, one of the leading Option Trustee firms in Israel ERB offers a fullOptions support package which includes trustee services and 409a services and management of the option plan from the day of granting the options to the day of realization.

ERB’s Business Development Department is dedicated to providing their clients with the opportunity to benefit from ERB's partners vast network of business connections in order to optimally promote their business activities.

Business Partners

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Roee Zeiler, CFO
"A friendly and most efficient service. We found Accounting and Tax Consultants, being able to offer diverse information on setting up new business and the continuance of good accountancy practice. Trust is an important quality these days and I trust their service."
Avi Eliassaf
Sales Predict
“Over the past couple of years, we have become a family. The open communication channel, the personalized service and the responsiveness of each and every one of the ERB team I worked with when I needed the professionalism of everyone was essential to the success of the company and made working together pleasant. Recently ERB worked with us during the due diligence process for the M&A of Salespredict by EBAYand all the wonderful traits of the team shined through."
Mosi Shusman
"We are thankful to have the ERB team onboard, providing professional and effective financial services to both our IL and US entities, ERB is available at any given time and always have the answers and solutions we need."
Hadar Wiess
Peer 5
"ERB Financial Group assisted us throughout our growth stage with various financial advice on running our business. ERB has given us the peace of mind to work worry-free and focus on what we do best, making our customers happy."
Oren Kaniel
"ERB has been guiding me from the stage in which Appsflyer was simply an idea and have grown with me throughout the way. The ERB team have become an integral part of the team, they have given me the peace of mind needed to focus on what I do best knowing that the financial management of the company is in the best hands."
Dvir Lerrer
"We would like to thank the ERB team for the support and guidance over the past year of working together with them. We thank them for the responsiveness, knowledge and willingness to assist at any given time."
Guy Berenshtien
"ERB offers professional services, are always one step ahead of everyone else in their field with great added value, choosing ERB is beyond the doubt of the best financial management decisions we could make as a startup in the beginning of the road."
Oded Avital
"I wanted to say that ERB has a great team. The US and IL entity, the payroll department, the bookkeeping, the reporting and tax authority compliance, the people and procedures. Amongst all these stand out the spectacular team that understand all issues and manage the finance down to the dime allowing me to focus on the business rather than the finance which is so crucial at this stage of our startup’s life (A complete opposite of the situation we had before ERB came into the picture)."
Dudi Wizman
“ I have been working with ERB financial group for about 20 years now, in theses 20 years I have founded and managed 4 startup companies and in all of them I was provided bookkeeping , controllership, payroll, representation with the tax authorities, preparation of material for investors, option management and more. I have referred many friends and partners to ERB that are using the services to this very day and I’m certain that all the companies working with ERB will have the same great experience I have had and have to this day”.