Ten Things to keep in mind when presenting to a potential investor

You have a meeting with potential investors.

You’re excited and preparing your presentation. You are looking to impress the investors so they will invest in your company.

Here are the 10 things you must do when you meet them:


Your presentation need to be short. Don’t memorize the slides and more important – don’t read them.

Don’t count on your improvising skill. Plan in advanced the things you want to say. 

Make eye contact with your audience.

Present researches that support the need for your product/service.

Use statistics and number comparisons. Your message will be catchier.

You must have an answer to any question. Prepare yourself for questions you might be asked. Your answers must be short and relevant. Long and complex answers might indicate a lack of preparation.  

Must be on your presentation: (a) what makes your team special (b) your team’s professional experience (c) what makes your company better than your competitors.  

Present specific funding goal. Don’t say that you are looking to raise between 1-2 M$. Use specific number and explain what is the money for.

Your profit model must be clear. Explain how you are going to earn money from your product/service.

It is recommended that the final slide include a memorable message. Remember that the final slide will be displayed in the background during investors’ questions. Use that.