Our Services

CFO Services

The CFO is responsible for creating the strategic operating plan and overseeing its implementation. From dynamic revenue modeling to project financing, to OCS and option planning issues. 

  • ERB’s CFOs’ put the best practices in place to smoothly, efficiently and successfully propel the business of each company forward.
  • Planning: Business, financials, budgeting, cost- reduction, re-organization, employee compensation and incentive plans.
  • ESOP – Setup and maintenance
  • Strategic operating, planning and implementation
  • Dynamic revenue modeling
  • Project financing
  • Investor relations and financial representation to the board of directors
  • Global tax planning and management
  • Comprehensive support
  • Cover all of the company’s financial requirements world wide

The ERB Controllers department is always at your service and provides a comprehensive and efficient service that includes the necessary services for each business:

  • Cash flow management
  • Budget control
  • Preparation of management reports
  • Preparation of annual and quarterly financial statements, tax reports,
  • preparation of a portfolio of audit papers
  • Preparation of financial statements according to IFRS
  • Planning and managing global financial activity
  • Planning and implementing procedures and controls
    Conducting tests in Goshen
  • Financial and operational services for foreign companies operating in Israel
  • Working with external auditors



ERB’s bookkeepers are skilled in several multi-currency bookkeeping systems, preparation of monthly management reports, building a payroll system for suppliers, control of payment execution and all other financial matters.

  • Cash flow statements
  • Monthly reports and payments to the authorities
  • General ledger maintenance
  • Bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Account payable services
  • Account receivable services
  • Account reconciliations services
  • Financial reporting services
  • Inventory reconciliation
  • Payroll processing
  • Multi-currency bookkeeping
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual profit and loss statements
  • VAT, income tax and social security deductions
  • Services designated for accountants
  • Additional services modified to specific requirements

ERB’s complete financial solution In the field of payroll management includes: working with tax authorities and insurance agents; creating accounting reports and payments to management insurance plans; pension funds; saving funds, and more. 

ERB’s payroll personnel are skilled in labor law and are able to advise management on any issues relating to human resource issues such as dismissals, vacations, social benefits, pregnancy and reserve duty.

  • Payroll administration & Salary transfers
  • Monthly and annual reporting to the authorities 
  • Payments: tax authorities, social security and income tax
  • Social security claims: reserve duty, maternity leave and unemployment insurance
  • Managing employee termination: compensation (161 form), release letters and transfer of balance of different funds
  • Allocating funds to study funds and manager’s insurance in full coordination with insurance companies
  • Reports: cost to employer, allocation to manager’s insurance, allocation for compensation, payroll, and per demand
  • Setting of salary benchmarks for the purposes of negotiation and salary comparison
  • Tax rate adjustments for employees
  • Assistance in preparing for tax authority audit – income tax and national insurance
  • Calculation of senior executive salaries and fringe benefits
  • Optimization of tax benefits


Option Management

As co founders of ESOP, one of the leading Option Trustee firms in Israel ERB offers a fullOptions support package which includes trustee services and 409a services and management of the option plan from the day of granting the options to the day of realization.

Financial Arm Length Services For Foreign Companies That Operate In Israel

ERB specializes in providing full range of financial services to foreign companies that have operation in Israel but do not wish to establish financial and Administration facilities for their local operations and rather have ERB as their Israeli representative for all financial aspects and duties. Our solution would usually be in collaboration with local legal advisors to cover all legal aspects. Such services include:


  • Salary processing, payment and reporting.
  • Bookkeeping services.
  • Compensation plans, salary and Employees benefits.
  • Financial Operations and payments.
  • Administration facilities
  • Reporting to authorities, auditors relations etc
  • Controller services – Reporting abroad on all financial activities at all requested formats.


Business Plan

ERB has a unique business plan department specializing in two main channels of operation:
  • Formulation of a five-year business plan aimed at the US market in order to present it to the authorities and to obtain a visa, as part of the relocation requirements
  • Formulating a business plan intended for investors – Presenting a detailed and tight business plan to potential investors in two optional ways:
  • Short Investors Deck: A concise presentation of the company in two pages, which can be sent by email and intended for distribution.
  • A broad program: formulating a detailed presentation for a substantive and operative meeting with investors, including a detailed document and a set of financial forecasts as required by VCs and Angels

ERB’s Business Development Department is dedicated to providing  clients with the opportunity to benefit from ERB’s partners vast network of business connections in order to optimally promote their business activities.

The added value and relevant contacts are already presented to each and every client at the introductory meeting stage and we strive to create value for every company we meet with – a link to strategic clients, evaluation of the business plan and its applicability, a connection to key people able to promote the company’s interests, etc.

Once the company has joined ERB’s financial client base, the Business Development Department will conduct a thorough study of the company’s needs and will assist in the following tasks:

  • Constructing models and business strategy
  • Building a budget based on years of experience (i.e.: comparing Budget vs. Actual for thousands of clients)
  • Designing fundraising models and a layout of investment agreement according to the type of relevant potential investors
  • Assembling a list of potential investors and guiding the company through all stages of the fundraising process up to closing. 

Business Development

Digital Currencies Accounting Services

Since 2014 ERB provides comprehensive and innovative accounting service for Digital Currencies.

Our service includes:

  • Presentation of tradable Digital Currencies via financial reports
  • Ongoing management of Digital Coins systems