ERB provides a complete array of financial services for startup, technology, multinational and low-tech companies.

ERB’s consulting services provide clients with immediate access to financial professionals to cover all financial needs and requirements.

ERB offers a one-stop-shop for companies in need of guidance and support in streamlining their financial processes and management. By collaborating with the company’s management and staff, ERB gain’s a thorough knowledge of current practices to identify opportunities for improving operations by implementing new technology and processes, eliminating redundant or unnecessary processes, or increasing efficiency by filling gaps. Through the development of comprehensive plans, these opportunities can be capitalized upon to improve productivity, while reducing costs and personnel hours.

ERB provides a roadmap for global companies to gain knowledge and control by providing regular reviews, reports and guidelines for management and financial execution. ERB specializes in gathering and analyzing large amounts of complex data, analyzing and executing streamlined financial management accurately in due time.