ERB & Preferred Depot collaboration

ERB is excited to introduce a unique joint offering with Preferred Depot, California, USA to add advanced logistics and supply chain management to the portfolio of services offered to our clients

This extension of the two companies’ existing collaboration represents a unique opportunity for ERB to provide an innovative, integrated solution to clients seeking the full spectrum of outsourcing services tailored to fit their evolving business needs and stage of activities.

Partnering this core competency of ERB with the logistics and supply chain management solutions offered by Preferred Depot creates a winning value proposition for our clients, as they strive to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and increase visibility across all areas of their operations.  

ERB’s clients can now benefit from a comprehensive range of logistics services without incurring the direct expenses associated with leasing building space, infrastructure, technology, and hiring staff directly, including:

  • Call Center
  • Back Office support
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Storage and Distributaion
  • Technical Support
  • Assembly and Packaging

This is an ideal solution for:

  • Mature companies seeking to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. (e.g., East Coast companies)
  • Start-up companies who already sell products or services in the U.S. (e.g., shipping products from outside the States)
  • Start-up companies working with potential clients and required to provide support (e.g., beta site)
  • Companies who are uncertain about their products and services and want to run a pilot program in the U.S.